Double Stitched black leather backpack with silver hardware

Small Detailed Rucksack

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This piece is unique, softer then the large backpack, and therefore all handles and straps are double layered and stitched by hand. Each piece takes approximately 25 hours to create!  While the leather is dyed black, it does tend to get a bronze sheen in sunlight.



14 inches tall

13 inches wide

5 inches deep

This rucksack fits any 13 inch laptop!


This Vegetable-tanned leather Rucksack / Satchel has great durability and strength, and can easily last an entire lifetime. Solid hardware will not rust and can be polished to maintain its shine. And, should you ever want to sell your veg-tanned bag, you will be happy to know that vegetable tanned leathers are generally more valuable, and re-sold at a higher average price, than their chrome-tanned equivalents.

Vegetable tanning

Vegetable tanning is the most ancient tanning method for leather . It uses tannins, which occur naturally in the bark and leaves of many plants. This method is 4-5 times more time consuming than the industrial chromic tanning process, which unlike vegetable tanning uses high levels of chemicals and toxins. Only about 10% of all current-day leather is veg-tanned, with 90% relying on various chemical composites to tan animal hides into leather.

Veg-tan leather has various aesthetic benefits, including colours and textures with a more natural, organic look. The irregular, handcrafted process means that every leather product has a unique look - no two veg-tanned bags will look exactly alike. And, this unique character only enhanced with time, as veg-tanned leather ages beautifully, acquiring that priceless patina that comes with years of hard-earned use.